Five Organic Living Tips to Start With

by | Feb 9, 2023 | Sustainable Living

An organic lifestyle is dedicated to making informed choices about your health and the environment. Living organically promotes natural development and encourages the application of natural methods in work, life, and play wherever possible. Embracing an organic lifestyle is about making small life changes for the better. Here are five tips to ease your way into living organically at home. 

Eat Fruits and Vegetables that are Organically Grown

One of the first steps towards organic living is selecting organic fruits and veggies. We recommend this as step one because it is typically the easiest and most accessible way to get started. While chain groceries stores are incorporating organic fruits and veggies, a local farmers’ market will have a bigger selection of organic produce for you to purchase. 

Look for tags or labels saying organically grown to aid in your selections. The USDA has guidelines for labeling organic foods. Items with at least 95% organic ingredients may have the USDA organic label. Foods with only some organic ingredients may label those ingredients as organic, but won’t have the USDA organic label.

One caution: “natural” and “organic” are not the same thing. Natural usually means that no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors are used, but it doesn’t say how the food was grown or prepared.

Make More Meals at Home, and Get Creative With Your Meals

Making meals at home is a way to make sure you can keep up with an organic lifestyle, and save a little money along the way. When you go to the store to look for organic foods, you may pay more at the start, but you can be thankful in the long run because you know the food you purchased is organic, and will help contribute to your healthy lifestyle. You can’t guarantee that take-out or restaurant food is organically grown.  

Getting creative with your meal planning is another way to move to a healthier lifestyle. It also allows you to get creative and experiment in the kitchen. Having trouble getting the kids to eat a balanced diet? Get them involved in meal planning and preparation. Kids will enjoy making the meal and so should have no complaints when it comes time to sit down to the meal. 

One way to get kids involved early is to take them to the store and let them select the organic fruits and vegetables you plan to include in the meals. Likewise, they can help in selecting the meats and proteins. Like organic fruits and vegetables, organic meats will also carry the USDA organic label. Other organic foods to look for in the grocery store are eggs, dairy, and snacks, along with the fruits and vegetables you enjoy.  

Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Food producers in your area can be the best way to add organic foods into your diet, and depending on the season will offer a wide selection of locally grown foods. These local producers may also offer organic eggs and dairy as well.  If you don’t have a local farmers market, look for a local organic food market, or a local delivery service for organic foods.

Local farmers and producers are always ready to talk to you about how they grow and harvest their products. Many farm stands will also display the USDA or a state-certified organic label. Farmers’ markets may also have other items available that are organic, such as organic bakery items, health and beauty products, etc.

Change Up Your Skincare Routine and Choose an Organic Face Cleanser

An organic lifestyle not only includes the food you eat but also how you take care of your skin and body. You can add to a healthy skin care routine by including organic skincare products.  One easy-to-add product is an organic face cleanser. An organic face cleanser may cost a little more, but knowing the ingredients are safe and well-tested will offset the higher price.

Knowing your skin type — including oily, dry, sensitive, and combination — is important when making the switch to organic cleansers, or any other skincare product. Even with organic cleansers, you need to select a product that is compatible with your skin type. 

Likewise, you need to consider your daily routine when selecting an organic cleanser. If you work outside or in a polluted city area, you will need a cleanser to remove the everyday grime from your skin. If your skin is prone to sweating, or if you work out, you need an organic cleanser that will clean out your pores without drying your skin. It’s all about balance, finding an organic cleanser that will clean your skin without removing your natural oils.

Reading the labels will help in selecting the best cleanser for your skin type, and will also help identify chemicals that may be upsetting to your skin. Labels will also help you avoid things like added dyes, fragrances, and alcohol as those can also irritate your face. 

Use Organic Cleaning Products

Some ingredients in cleaning products can be harmful to your health and the environment.

An alternative to buying organic cleaning products is to make them from ingredients you have in your home. Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and olive oil can all be used to make safe homemade products for you, your family, and the environment. Not only are these safe to use, but are probably much less expensive than store-bought cleaners.

Cleaning products can often get overlooked when talking about an organic lifestyle, but can certainly be easily added to your cleaning regimen. If you do purchase store-bought cleaners, take time to read the labels to identify potentially harmful ingredients. 

Following these tips will help you make the Organic Lifestyle work for you. Once you start making changes, you will find that you’re adapting to your new lifestyle in no time. Contact HomeOrganic to learn more tips on living an organic lifestyle. 


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