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Healthy Lashes Start Here

Looking for a natural mascara that you can feel good about wearing? The options are endless in the search for mascara to suit everyone’s specific desires, whether searching for length or volume, but finding natural mascara can be difficult. This rings true, especially in your local cosmetic section. However, the search does not have to end there. As with most natural and organic makeup, the best place to find it is online. There are plenty of passionate creators who have endeavored to make a line of makeup that serves those going the natural route. Below you will find the best mascara that you can rely on for the most beautiful lashes.

The Hard Truth About Conventional Mascara

The beauty industry has made long strides in their efforts to create cosmetics that can fit everyone’s skin color, as well as their desire for either a calm, natural look, or a dramatic flare for a night out. However, with your trip to the beauty store, if you find yourself reading through the ingredient list, you will likely find several toxic chemicals that may make you think twice about purchasing the product. This is a big problem for mascara in particular. Most mascaras contain:

  1. Parabens: There have been countless studies done on how parabens negatively interact with the human body, and yet, many cosmetics and personal care items continue to use this as a preservative. Many mascaras have multiple kinds of parabens, such as: Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Propylparaben. These have all been linked to causing cancer1. It is better to steer clear of any mascara that has a paraben in the ingredient list.
  2. Mercury: Yes, you read that right. That chemical that the WHO deems in the top ten dangerous chemicals, wherein a treaty was created to ban the use of mercury in products except for eye makeup, is being used in your mascara. Oftentimes it will be under the name thimerosal. Mercury can cause kidney damage, neurological damage, and reproductive harm.
  3. Coal Tar Dye: These dyes are known by many names, often listed as: FD & C Blue no. 1 and Aminophenol , Diaminobenzene or Phenylenediamine . FD & C Blue no. 1 has cancer links2. Aminophenol can cause an allergic reaction3, while Diaminobenzene, also known as Phenylenediamine, has caused eye reactions4. If these are listed in your mascara ingredient label, ditch that brand immediately.

Sadly, these are not the only toxic chemicals and additives that can be included in your desire for lovely, long eyelashes. The best way to ensure you are getting the best look without compromising your health? Opt for a natural or organic brand, and always vet the ingredients of your makeup products.

The Best Natural Mascara for Your Beautiful Eyelashes

There are many factors that go into what makes a mascara a good mascara. Length, volume, natural ingredients, and a non-irritating formula is a great starting point for anyone. Organic ingredients are an extra bonus that many natural brands have in their mascara products. If your mascara has natural and organic ingredients, and an easy, non-toxic ingredient list, it can give you a peace of mind that conventional mascaras cannot give. With that being said, here are some all-natural mascara products for you to try:

  • Toups & Co Organics Long Lash Mascara: with wonderful reviews placing this at a 4.6/5 stars on their website, this mascara comes highly recommended by many product users. This formula is made mostly of organic ingredients and very few chemicals, and while it doesn’t clump, smear, or chip during the day, it wipes off easily at the end of the night. (This is our personal recommendation)
  • Root 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara: this mascara is made with 85% organic ingredients, and is suited well for those with sensitive eyes. It is water-resistant and smudge-proof. The ingredient list is incredibly easy to read, and it comes in a glass, compact tube that prevents your mascara from drying out.
  • Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara: this vegan mascara product is made without any artificial ingredients, is free of those toxic parabens and other scary ingredients, and has many great reviews that attest to this product lengthening and volumizing their lashes.
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara: this mascara has great reviews and many different color shades that are created through fruit pigments. The ingredients are listed on their website, and are filled with many all-natural ingredients that you can recognize.

For Healthier, More Luscious Eyelashes – Choose Natural

All four of these mascara products have the reviews and backing to give you peace of mind and beautiful eyelashes. Finding non toxic, all-natural makeup does not have to be difficult. The internet is the greatest tool for finding these natural products. Rest-assured, with these products in mind, you will be able to find a wonderful mascara that beautifies your lashes quickly and easily.

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