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by | Mar 21, 2022 | Cosmetics

If you are looking to make a switch to cleaner and eco-friendlier beauty products, you should consider buying chemical-free nail polish. Your traditional nail polish could be laden with toxic ingredients that can cause dry skin, inflammation, headaches, and even affect your reproductive hormones.

The increased awareness about the toxins in such products has prompted many brands to develop separate lines of chemical-free nail polishes, offering wide-ranging selections that comprise every color imaginable. Despite the absence of harmful components, these products last just as long as their traditional alternatives and do not chip as quickly as many expect them to. Many of them are also safe for kids.

Here are a few things you must know about non-toxic nail polish and the top brands dedicated to providing you with amazing options for a chemical-free manicure.

What Is a Chemical-Free Nail Polish and Why Do You Need It?

In 2015, the researchers at Environmental Working Group and Duke University tested ( urine samples of 26 women who had recently painted their nails and found evidence of triphenyl phosphate (TPHP) – a suspected endocrine disruptor – in every one of them. The study also concluded that the potentially harmful chemicals in these products could absorb into our bodies, which can be extremely harmful to pregnant women and young individuals going through puberty.

Since everything is made of chemicals, it is important to clarify what a chemical-free nail polish actually is. As it turns out, the term is commonly used for nail polish free of these three ingredients.

Dibutyl phthalates
These chemicals are called the big three. So, if you see “3-free” written on a nail polish bottle, it means the product does not contain these dangerous ingredients.

Best Chemical-Free Nail Polish Brands

Zoya Nail Lacquer

The breathable formula of Zoya Nail Lacquer has made it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers. The brand, founded by Zoya and Michael Reyzis in 1986, offers a wide range of clean and safe nail care products – including non-toxic nail polish, naked manicure base and topcoat, 3-in-1 nail polish remover, and more.

Owing to its high-quality nail lacquers, you are bound to find this brand at every top salon in the country. It has even made appearances at fashion runways worldwide. Moreover, the collection of colors offered by the company is just awe-inspiring. No matter what shade you are looking for, there is a good chance you will find it among the 600+ options available at Zoya Nail Lacquer.

These products are made without some of the most potentially harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalates, toluene, camphor, TPHP, parabens, xylene, ethyl, tosylamide, and lead.

Our top pick: Autumn

Base Coat Nail Polish

If you are looking for quick-drying nail polish for a chemical-free manicure, you should consider checking out Base Coat. The brand offers two separate lines of non-toxic colors: OG and Breathable. You can pick the most eye-catching shade and apply it to your beautiful nails without exposing yourself to possible carcinogens and skin irritants.

The OG nail polishes are available in more than 100 gorgeous shades that complement every skin color. However, the brand calls the Breathable Collection its cleanest to date.

You may also be glad to know the custom-formulated nail polishes at Base Coat are made from plant-based ingredients and crafted for sustainability. In addition, they are made without formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, parabens, phthalates, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, and toluene.

Our top pick: Petunia

Our Final Thoughts

What was once a small group of startups producing a limited range of non-toxic nail polishes has now evolved into a major industry, providing health and eco-conscious consumers with safe alternatives to their most beloved nail paints.

Our list of the best chemical-free nail polish brands includes something for every price range and preference. We hope it will help you find the most suitable options for your makeup collection and encourage you to opt for cleaner beauty products.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with HomeOrganic by contacting us today. Meanwhile, if you are looking for tips on how to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle, please check out our comprehensive guides for more information.

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