The Best Books to Learn About Organic Farming

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Agriculture & Gardening, Sustainable Living

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What Makes Good Organic Farming Books?

Before we dive into this article, we will explore what makes good organic farming books. If you are new to the organic space or an old pro at farming, these books will surely offer you something to think about either way. Good books about organic farming don’t only talk about how to embrace the lifestyle. They share ways of teaching so that readers can embrace learning and implement these initiatives into their own lives, too. These books were selected for people of all backgrounds and with all comfort levels when it comes to going organic.

Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food

Wendell Berry is the author of Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food. He is a farmer who keeps the purity of produce top of his mind. He embraces mindful eating and listening to your body when consuming foods of all kinds. Eating through the land is a unique and sacred practice, one of which he discusses thoroughly in his writing.

His book has been nominated for a slew of bestseller lists and awarded a variety of praise from authors both in and out of the space. He talks about the availability, affordability, and sustainability of living and eating off the land, which is not always talked about!

He is a passionate advocate for the “slow food” movement and encourages all readers to be mindful of what they eat, as everyone is involved in the food cycle.

Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier by Michael Ableman

From one of the worst urban slums in North America, Street Farm shares the story of residents in low-track Vancouver. There are serious issues in the neighborhood, yet community members have come together to address these disparities. The book shares the table of recovery through the use of land and food. Changing your diet and regimen is a way to not only heal ourselves but the world, too.

By providing training, jobs, and security for community members interested in farming, the sole food initiative has helped those who lack resources find a purpose. Many workers here struggle with mental health issues but find peace in farming and growing organic, healthy foods to enjoy.

The mission of the farm is to provide sustainable work and nourishment for those who are struggling. Michael Ableman shares the success of the individuate while also telling challenges as they occurred.

The One-Straw Revolution

The One-Straw Revolution is a classic organic farming book known amongst the organic living community. This book was published back in 1975 and has more recently become one of the foundational pieces of literature surrounding organic farming. 

The book is centered around Fukuoka, a scientist who decided to pursue farming in order to deepen and strengthen his learning of the world around him. His goal was to let nature go through its natural processes without using man-made power to intervene. This means that no artificial soils or growth hormones were used when growing the crops on the land. This was also a more manual process as well, as no farming equipment was used and all crops were planted by hand. 

The goal was to observe exactly how nature decides to run its course. Along his journey, Fukuoka mastered the best farming tips and tricks. The results were astounding. The crops had never been more supple, healthy, and vibrant. By letting nature do its thing, he was able to produce the most abundant crops possible. For those who want to pursue becoming more in tune with nature and the world around them, the One-Straw Revolution book is a must-read.

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It

This book is a newer rendition of the Self-Sufficient Gardener, which is a story read and loved by at-home gardeners growing herbs and small crops for kitchen use. In this rendition of the series, the book expands on micro-urban gardens within window sills and small households. For those who live in small apartments or enjoy city life, having the ability to grow herbs and small vegetables is still possible. 

The book aims to inspire and educate those interested in growing their own produce, to spark joy in living off the land. The book also goes into large-scale farming, for those who have big lots of land or run a family-owned farming business. Every single detail is covered in this book, from raising and butchering livestock to pickling and canning farm-fresh vegetables. The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It is a great read for beginners of organic living all the way to the seasoned pros!

The Soil and Health

For those who are interested in understanding how our health is intertwined with what we consume and put into our bodies, The Soil and Health is a perfect read. This book is an extension of “The Agriculturalist Must Obey Nature’s Rules”, which sets the foundation for living off the land and respecting the world around you. 

This book dives deep into topics that are not often covered in organic farming books. From covering the dangers of pesticides, fertilizers, and other man-made gardening ingredients, to praising the use of compost and organic fungi, this book explores all facets of organic farming. Readers enjoy this book for its philosophical language and incredible imagery. 

Albert Howard is an incredible author who speaks passion through every word for his adornment of the earth. To learn more about how the health of the soil bleeds into produce that nourishes us, this is the perfect addition to your “must read” list.

We hope this article helped inspire you to visit your local library and take out a book on organic farming. As with any agricultural read, organic farming books are extremely captivating and provide credible imagery, as they describe the vibrant world that surrounds all of us. If you are looking to embark on your organic living journey, visit our website or contact HomeOrganic today to get started. 

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