4 Best Organic Dog Foods for Your Canine Friends

by | May 16, 2022 | Petcare

It’s a lot of fun being a dog owner. Whether going for a walk or run, playing fetch, or just going for a ride in the car, dogs bring a cheerful enthusiasm to nearly any activity. Their companionship is a natural mood booster. Being a dog owner also comes with a lot of responsibility because we are responsible for their well-being. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet can be difficult enough for us. It can be even more difficult for our dogs because the availability of nutritious and certified USDA organic dog food can be limited in stores. Your local grocery store might not have the best food that your dog deserves, and you may need to make a trip to a pet specialty store or buy online.

Your dog’s diet and nutrition requires the same amount of care that you afford your own. You should pay careful attention to the ingredients and look for things that you recognize and would accept in your own food. Non-organic dog food can lack the nutritional value of organic dog food and contain ingredients that are harmful to your pet’s health. At the same time, many ‘natural’ dog foods on the market are healthier but do not meet the strict standards of the USDA. We have put together this guide to the best organic dog foods that you can trust.

Our Organic Dog Food Recommendations for your Canine Buddy

• Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food, Chicken and Liver Dinner-

There’s a lot to love about this canned dog food made from organic chicken, organic chicken liver, and organic pea flour, among other organic ingredients. This food is certified USDA organic and grain-free. Since it is USDA organic, it contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, and no chemical additives. The brand also offers a chicken dinner and turkey dinner canned USDA organic dog food as well. Newman’s Own donates 100% of its profits to charity. What’s not to love?

• Full Moon Natural Organics Human Grade Dog Treats-

This brand makes USDA organic dog treats in three flavors: chicken, beef, and duck. The ingredient list for these treats is short and contains easily recognizable and wholesome ingredients, such as organic chicken, organic sugar, organic brown rice, and organic flax seed. These treats are made based on the premise that the treats are only good enough for your dog if they are also good enough for you. So, if you’re a fan of jerky, go right ahead and give this dog treat a try. Just try not to make your furry companion jealous.

• Castor & Pollux Organix Dog food, Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato Recipe-

Castor & Pollux offers a variety of USDA organic dry dog food. The brand proudly lists organic free-range chicken as its first ingredient. There are also grain-free and healthy grain options. The organic chicken and sweet potato recipe features organic chicken, organic sweet potato, organic flax seed, and organic blueberries.

• Tender & True Organic Chicken and Liver Recipe Dry food-

Tender & True is a smaller, independently owned brand from Nebraska. In addition to being certified USDA organic, this dog food is also Animal Welfare Certified. This means that the organic chicken used as the primary ingredient was humanely raised and ethically sourced in accordance with the Global Animal Partnership’s standards. If your dog prefers a different flavor, you’ll be interested to know that Tender & True offers a large variety of flavors of both dry food and dog treats, many of which are USDA organic. USDA organic treats are available in the following flavors: beef, hare, smoked salmon, pork, chicken, and turkey.

Cherishing Your Pet’s Health

Our list contains USDA organic options for dry food, wet food, and dog treats. Your dog’s nutritional needs may depend on your dog’s breed and may even change throughout your dog’s lifespan. Dogs can also have food allergies, just like people. Please consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s diet.

Your pet’s diet is an essential factor influencing your pet’s health and lifespan. Choosing a USDA organic dog food can be more expensive but ensures that your dog receives only the highest quality food packed with wholesome ingredients. Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below.

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