The Best USDA Organic White Wines in 2022

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Diet & Nutrition

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world”. Wine has become such an integral part of the dining experience. There are so many different types of wines and the rich diversity of flavors makes it likely that there is a wine that pairs well with most any meal. While red wines are typically thought to pair best with red meat as well as tomato-based sauces, white wine pairs well with many popular dishes such as chicken, and most seafoods. White wine is made in a similar process to red wine. However, white wine is typically made from either white grapes or from red grapes but with the grape skins removed before the fermentation process. Popular types of white wine include rich whites such as chardonnay, sweet whites such as riesling, and dry whites such as sauvignon blanc.

U.S. winemakers are not required to disclose the ingredients of the wine they produce since alcoholic beverages are not regulated by the FDA. Consequently, most wine bottles display very minimal if any information about what’s in the wine besides the alcohol by volume percentage. This is why it is essential to look for the USDA organic seal. A USDA organic wine will be made from organic grapes and other organic ingredients and without any prohibited substances such as excess sulfites (some sulfur dioxide is naturally occurring in wine, but additional sulfites are frequently added to non-organic wines). The winemaking process also must pass stringent regulations to comply with the USDA organic standard. Although organic wine has been increasing in popularity lately, it still is not nearly as prevalent and easy to find as non-organic wine. That is why we have compiled this list of the best USDA organic white wines in 2022.

Try These Organic White Wines

  • 2021 Organic Sauvignon Blanc by Frey Vineyards: This dry white wine features pineapple and passion fruit flavors as well as a lemon finish. This California-based brand is well known for making USDA organic wine. The brand proudly supports environmental preservation and the vineyards are home to a honeybee sanctuary. If you prefer a different type of white wine, we encourage you to look further into Frey Vineyards.
  • 2021 Certified Organic Riesling by Badger Mountain Organic Winery: This sweet white wine features numerous aromas including citrus, melon, and pear. It was released in January, 2022. This winery is based in Washington state and was founded in 1982. The company has been making USDA certified organic wine since 1990.
  • Premium Organic Chardonnay by Domaine Bousquet: Domaine Bousquet is one of the most prominent organic wine producers in the world. Based in Argentina, the winery was founded by the Bousquet family which has its roots in southern France. This rich white wine has a tropical aroma and features tastes of peach and green apple.

Our Closing Thoughts

White wine can be an excellent beverage to have as an appetizer or to pair with seafood and poultry-based meals. Whether it is organic or not, wine drinkers can agree that a good white wine should taste good, and be balanced without too much acidity or other harsh flavors. A good wine also carries distinctive features that reflect on the location from which it was made. An organic wine is not just made from organic grapes. The entire winemaking process must meet organic standards. Thankfully it’s never been easier to find USDA certified organic white wine. We hope that our list of organic white wines will give you ideas for where to start.  

Do you have a favorite organic wine that didn’t make our list? Let us know by leaving a comment or contacting us here. If red wine is more your thing, check out our list of the best USDA organic red wines here.

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