The Best Natural Toothpastes That Whiten Teeth

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At HomeOrganic, we believe that your personal health is heavily dependent on the daily choices you make as a consumer. Most health-conscious people put a lot of thought into the food that they buy and eat and into the household products that they use, such as shampoo, cosmetics, and sunscreen to name a few. Living a sustainable lifestyle focused on optimizing one’s health requires scrutiny of each material product we use. Your toothpaste is perhaps especially important given that the product is being absorbed through the linings in your mouth. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, which means a lot of exposure to the ingredients in the toothpaste. It’s important to choose a toothpaste that will not only clean and whiten your teeth but will also give you peace of mind.

Why choose an organic toothpaste

The primary purpose of toothpaste is to remove bad bacteria and dental plaque in your mouth and prevent cavities and tooth decay. From a cosmetic perspective, toothpaste also can remove stains and whiten your teeth. Most regular toothpastes rely primarily on fluoride and surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate to clean your teeth and sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth.  While ingredient such as fluoride have numerous benefits for your oral health, overexposure to fluoride can also cause problems if accidentally ingested. In general, the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is considered safe if used correctly. However, there have been some studies linking fluoride to endocrine dysfunction.

Research on the effects of fluoride is ongoing, so you may want to consult your doctor and/or dentist before deciding on whether to avoid fluoride in your toothpaste or not.

Most regular toothpastes contain numerous chemicals not because of a therapeutic benefit but to improve characteristics such as color, foaming properties, shelf-life, and taste. Some examples of potentially harmful chemicals found in some toothpastes include: triclosan, propylene glycol, artificial sweeteners, diethanolamine (DEA), and parabens.  Fortunately, there are several organic and all-natural toothpastes made primarily from natural herbs and oils that can effectively clean and whiten your teeth without exposing you to any harmful ingredients.

Natural ingredients that clean and whiten teeth

To ensure that a natural toothpaste will be just as effective as regular toothpaste, you need to pay close attention to the ingredients. A natural toothpaste will not have the chemicals most used to clean/whiten your teeth like fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate and so you want to make sure they are replaced with some not just natural but effective too. Next time you buy toothpaste keep an eye out for the following ingredients

Green Tea Extract-

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce bleeding gums and plaque formation.

Baking soda-

Also known as sodium bicarbonate, baking soda is proven to remove stains and whiten teeth. As an alkaline substance it can also help protect your teeth by neutralizing acids on your teeth.


Xylitol is added to toothpaste because it is a natural sweetener but it also can reduce tooth decay by neutralizing acid and slow the growth of bacteria on the surface of your teeth.

Mint oils-

Mints such as peppermint and spearmint are a common ingredient in both natural and regular toothpastes due to their pleasant taste and their ability to freshen your breath. In addition, peppermint oil is a beneficial addition to toothpaste due to its anti-microbial properties.

Citric Acid-

Citric acid is a naturally occurring acid commonly found in citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges. Due to its acidic nature too much exposure to citric acid can erode your teeth’s enamel over time and cause cavities as well as a yellowing effect on your teeth’s color. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t avoid citric acid when selecting a natural toothpaste since it is a highly effective natural preservative and as long as the pH of your toothpaste is neutral/basic due to other ingredients that counterbalance the acid you don’t risk harming your teeth. The small amount of citric acid in natural toothpaste even has a therapeutic benefit by helping to reduce tartar build-up on your teeth.

Best Natural Toothpastes to Try

Cali White Activated Charcoal & Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste-

This toothpaste is free of fluoride, gluten, soy, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, peroxide, and is safe for children.  It is only made from natural ingredients such as baking soda, xylitol, tea tree oil, organic coconut oil, and organic peppermint oil. This product also uses activated charcoal to whiten your teeth. This toothpaste is made in the USA and the company offers a 100 day refund policy. Cali white activated charcoal and coconut oil teeth whitening toothpaste can be purchased from Amazon here.

Dr. Brite Natural Whitening Toothpaste-

The company that makes this toothpaste was founded by a cancer surgeon and a dentist. This toothpaste is both Vegan and gluten-free. The special ingredient in this toothpaste that separates it from the competitors is hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring component of your tooth enamel. Dr. Brite Natural Whitening Toothpaste can be purchased from Amazon here.

Dr Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste-

This brand was founded by Dr. Washington Sheffield who began his dental practice in 1850. He is credited with the invention of toothpaste and came up with the idea to put it in a tube. Dr Sheffield’s natural toothpaste is certified by the natural products association (NPA) and is also non-GMO project verified and not tested on animals.  In addition to several kid’s flavors, the brand offers a cinnamon flavor, peppermint, wintergreen, and an extra-whitening formula. All of their toothpastes are free of artificial ingredients and do not contain fluoride. Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste can be purchased from Amazon here.

Radius Mint Aloe Neem USDA Organic Toothpaste-

Radius organic toothpaste is not just another natural toothpaste– it is certified USDA Organic. This brand offers organic toothpaste in 3 flavors: Matcha Mint, Clove Cardamom, and Kid’s Dragon Fruit. Their toothpaste tubes are travel sized and TSA compliant so you can take them anywhere. Radius mint aloe neem USDA organic toothpaste can be purchased from Amazon here.

To Wrap up

It has never been easier to replace your regular toothpaste with a natural or organic one. There are numerous brands on the market that offer toothpastes completely free of harmful ingredients and still are highly effective at cleaning and whitening your teeth. If you are looking for a new toothpaste, the above list of products is an excellent place to look.  Your oral health is an important part of your overall personal health.  We know that you agree and we hope that HomeOrganic has made it a little bit easier for you to make the right choice when it comes to your oral care routine.


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