8 Easy Ways to Transition to an Organic Lifestyle

by | Dec 29, 2022 | Sustainable Living

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Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? If not, it’s time to add sustainability to your list. Being kind to the planet should be a top priority for everybody in 2023. An eco-friendly life is not as difficult as it might seem, and every small lifestyle adjustment helps! You don’t need to make any big changes. Small, yet consistent initiatives can do the trick. In this article, we will explore eight easy ways to transition to an organic lifestyle, to help benefit your body and the planet.

Know Who You are Purchasing Food From

Do you know where your food comes from? If you shop at wholesale stores or large grocery chains, it is unlikely that you know exactly where your food is coming from. In the New Year, try shopping at local farmers’ markets and small businesses where goods are made on-site. 

When you can see where your food comes from, you can be more confident in the authenticity of the ingredients and the overall quality of the product. It is also much cheaper to purchase organic products from the farm itself, versus going to the grocery store and only shopping in the organic section. Plus, it is a great way to support a local business and get involved with your community!

Grow Your Own Herbs!

Remember how we said being sustainable and going organic doesn’t have to be difficult? Even making small changes can create a big difference in your lifestyle. Growing your own herbs is a great way to start transitioning to an organic eating philosophy. Plus, it can be a lot of fun!

Planting herbs in your home garden will help you learn how to utilize a green thumb so that you can plant other produce in the future. Oftentimes, the herbs and veggies we purchase from the supermarket are covered in pesticides and plastics. By growing your own, you will be saving money and know exactly where your food is coming from. Talk about homegrown!

Take a Peak at Your Cleaning Products

When was the last time you took a peek at the label on your cleaning products? It is likely that the list is extensive, including many ingredient names that are difficult to pronounce. Many cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic and can cause health problems down the road. Plus, they can be dangerous for pets and harsh on furniture. 

Moving forward into the New Year, take a peek at your cleaning products and see what items you can make at home. Utilizing organic cleaning products will give you confidence when sprucing up your space in the New Year. You only need a few ingredients to make basic laundry detergent, counter cleaner, and soap.

Use Toxic-Free Makeup and Grooming Items

Wearing makeup is a great way to express yourself and explore your creativity. It can bring a confidence boost and make us feel more like ourselves. The same goes for grooming products, which give off a pleasant scent and help us feel more put together. The downside is that many makeup and grooming items may contain toxic ingredients that can cause harm to our bodies. 

If you use makeup or grooming products every single day, the damage can be more severe down the road. Switching to organic makeup and grooming brands can help you be more confident in your morning and night routines going forward. Self-care is important, so make sure to do it the organic way.

Organic Supplement Usage

Taking supplements is a great way to get your nutrients in, without having to spend time cooking meals. For people on the go, supplements can be a lifesaver. As you transition to a more organic lifestyle, be sure to check the ingredients list on your supplement’s container, and switch to an organic alternative if needed. 

Pest and Weed Control

Pest and weed control can be extremely detrimental to the environment. This is especially true if you are somebody who likes to garden at home and grow fresh fruits and veggies off of your land. While it is important to keep the pests at bay, be mindful of the ingredients used in your pest and weed control products. Oftentimes, these are extremely harmful and harsh chemicals that can seep into your food through the soil you plant seeds in. 

Try to avoid these harsh chemicals altogether, or switch to a toxin-free alternative, such as putting up fences around your garden. There are many alternatives to chemical-filled pest and weed control products, as long as you are willing to go through some trial and error! 

Be Mindful of Your Transportation Methods

Being mindful of your transportation methods is a great way to be kind to the planet and your wallet! It’s no secret that the price at the pump has gone up over the past few months.

To help solve this problem and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions you produce, try to explore alternative transportation methods. Investing in a bike, scooter, or rollerblades, is a great way to switch to a green alternative while also getting some exercise in. 

Make Your Own Meals

Over the past two years, many of us have taken advantage of ordering out meals. If you are somebody who orders out for meals, make it a goal to ditch this habit in the new year. 

When we order out, we are unsure of what is in our food. A lot of takeout is covered in oil and preservatives and can be very expensive. Invest in yourself and make your own meals moving forward so that you can save money and be confident that you are putting good, wholesome ingredients into your body.

We hope this list helped inspire you to transition to a more organic lifestyle in 2023. Follow along with us throughout your journey, and contact HomeOrganic today for more content as we build an organic, eco-friendly community. 

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