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Why Is Collagen Powder Gaining Momentum?

Collagen, though often underappreciated, is extremely important when considering the nutrients every person needs. Collagen is a form of protein that is naturally occurring in living creatures. The human body naturally produces collagen, however, as a person ages, their body’s collagen levels start to decrease. Their body is unable to produce the same amount as when they were younger. This can be visibly seen in how someone’s skin appears, as collagen contributes to skin’s elasticity and hydration. With this in mind, many people choose to take collagen powder or supplements. The consumption of collagen powder is more widespread now, but not all collagen powder brands are the same. Collagen powder is important, but organic collagen powder is what you want to look for. In this article, we will help guide you in your endeavor to find the right organic collagen powder for the proper absorption of this very important nutrient.

What Does Collagen Powder Do?

Collagen is an important protein that makes up the connective tissue in the body. This includes joints, skin, bones, and tendons. Of course, the health maintenance of these areas is of the utmost importance, as without them, nothing else would operate correctly in our body. Furthermore, when collagen decreases as you age, your skin elasticity and hair and nails can suffer, as well. The main powdered form is called “collagen peptide powder,” and is widely sold at most supermarkets. Taking collagen powder can immensely benefit you, but how does someone know if they need to start taking collagen powder?

Oftentimes the need for more collagen in your system can manifest in ways such as:

  1. Aging skin. This can include wrinkling, sagging, and tight, dry skin.
  2. Painful joints. If your joints begin to ache or have been aching for a while now, you may need more collagen in your diet.
  3. Dull and thin, brittle hair. A collagen deficiency can cause your hair to not look as pretty as it once was.
  4. Brittle nails. Your nails may chip and break due to a collagen deficiency.
  5. Brittle bones. This can show when your bones break more easily, and when you struggle with back pain.
  6. Dental issues. Collagen deficiency can lead to decreased or defective tooth enamel.
  7. Slow-healing wounds. Collagen aids wounds in the healing process, and with a deficiency, it can prolong the process.
  8. Gastrointestinal issues. This can include leaky gut and IBS.

With these in mind, it is clear that supplementing with the right collagen powder may be just the change you need in your diet to make a huge difference in how you feel and look. Whether or not you are experiencing these symptoms, it may be wise to begin implementing some organic collagen powder into your diet if you are getting older. This can even include those in the range of 20-40 years of age, as the collagen in your body begins to rapidly decline earlier for some. Some collagen powders include certain serving amounts per day; you may benefit from it even when using it less frequently than the bottle says if you are still young, but wanting an extra boost of collagen to see how it makes you feel over time.

The Best Organic Collagen Powders

Collagen is crucial for our bodies to function, as they make up the building blocks for the majority of our body’s protein content. That being said, finding the right collagen powder can be a challenge. Organic collagen powder can give you a peace of mind that the collagen you are consuming is in its best form, untreated with toxic chemicals, and therefore much healthier than its non-organic counterparts. Here are some tried and true organic and natural collagen products:

  1. Custom Collagen: This brand is committed to making sure that the animals that the collagen is made from never consume any pesticide-treated feed, and that they are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. They have many different options in collagen powder, including beef collagen and fish collagen. They also have both powders and capsules, so you can choose which better suits your needs. You can purchase Custom Collagen products from Amazon here.
  2. NorCal Organic: Their collagen peptide powder comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows that do not get exposed to, or contain, GMOs. This company is known for their organic and grass-fed protein powders, and they also sell vegetarian protein powders.
  3. Wholesome Organics: This company sells collagen peptides, and guarantees that their collagen came from cows that were not treated with hormones and were GMO free. Their cows are also grass-fed and pasture-raised.

My Personal Experience with Collagen

Months ago, I purchased collagen powder to see if it helped with my aging skin and slow growing hair. Many collagen powder brands advise multiple spoonfuls of collagen a day, however, I decided to start slower with just one scoop a week dissolved in orange juice. Since supplementing this way, my hair has grown much faster than it has ever grown before. Moreover, my skin began to feel less dull and dry, and appeared to look more healthy. If you are struggling with slow hair growth, even if you are struggling to have growth in your eyebrows or eyelashes, collagen may work for you as well as it did for me.

Anyone Can Benefit from Collagen

Collagen is the protein that is held in the largest quantity in our body, and is therefore a building block to maintaining our health. With collagen deficiency can come many other health problems. Bone, joints, and tendon pain can be caused by a depleting amount of collagen in your body. People who struggle with arthritis have reported more manageable symptoms when supplementing with collagen, and those with back pain can benefit as well. There are a multitude of reasons that your hair and nails may be struggling, and having a collagen deficiency can contribute to it. There are many ways to make sure you are consuming enough collagen, and there are collagen sources for those who are vegetarian. However, the best quality collagen with highest content is found in animal products. The organic collagen powder products above can be the first start to better health.

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