How Organic Honey is Different From Regular Honey

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Honey- The Most Used All Natural Sweetener

Honey is a great addition to foods that need a little sweetener added to them. It is the purest sweetener that also can contain many health benefits, and because of this, people with allergies or who are on special diets often choose honey as their sweetener of choice. When added to tea, not only can it enhance the flavor, but can also help in healing sore throats and stuffy noses. When added to desserts, it can sweeten them in ways that regular sugar cannot. However, there is some confusion when it comes to the different kinds of honey. If a bee is making it, it seems as if they are all organic or all natural, but this is not the case. Organic honey is the best option when seeking the best nutrients and the best taste.

What is Regular Honey?

At the grocery store you may find a few different kinds of honey. Regular honey is the most popular and the cheapest variety. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why this kind of honey is the least expensive and the most widely purchased.

  1. The main reason that regular honey is cheap is because it usually is filled with syrups, with much less actual honey content.
  2. The fillers used are often high fructose corn syrup.
  3. High fructose corn syrup can contribute to obesity and diabetes.

Because this is not pure honey, you are consuming additives in addition to the natural sugar that the bees create, and so it is less healthy than other kinds of honey.

What about Pure Honey?

Many honey brands advertise that their honey is 100% pure honey. This eliminates the worry of added sugars like corn syrup. This honey is pure honey, but oftentimes this does not mean that the honey was produced in the most natural way.

  1. The bees producing the honey may not have close access to the most beneficial food sources.
  2. The honey may be pasteurized and filtered, which can destroy the health benefits of honey.

This honey choice is a much better way to go when deliberating between regular and pure honey. However, there is a healthier choice.

What does Organic Honey mean?

Organic honey is usually available anywhere that regular honey is sold. The organic honey is usually a bit more expensive in comparison, so many people choose the cheaper alternative, not realizing the importance of consuming honey that is pure and organic.

  1. Organic honey is produced by bees that have access to pesticide free flowers.
  2. The bees themselves are also not treated with chemicals.
  3. The bees and the larvae are not treated cruelly.

These are all important factors when considering which honey to buy, as any flowers treated with non-organic pesticides can be toxic, and therefore, the pollen used to create honey would be inflicted with toxins as well. However, organic honey by itself does not guarantee that the honey is not pasteurized and filtered. It is important to find organic honey that is also labeled “raw honey.”

Raw and Organic Honey

Pasteurization and filtration in honey can eliminate the beneficial pollen. When this pollen is removed, so are many of the health benefits that can come from it. What exactly are the benefits that come from raw honey?

  1. It contains polyphenols. These can help with blood pressure, chronic inflammation, and blood sugar levels.
  2. It has amino acids. Amino acids are vital for our muscles, hormone health, and more.
  3. It has vitamins. Honey is filled with vitamins, such as Vitamin C, niacin, and many others.

Finding the best raw honey and the best organic honey can be a challenge when faced with all of the different labels that honey is packaged with. Raw honey, when also USDA certified organic, is the best honey that will be toxin-free and filled with many amazing health benefits. Organic honey can be associated with better treatment of the bees. The bee farmers are more heavily invested in maintaining the bees’ health, as they are focused on pesticide free flowers and humane practices to be sure that the honey is healthiest. Raw honey, when paired with the organic seal, will help you make sure that what you are purchasing is ethical and healthy for you and the bees who create it. Choosing a honey brand that has raw and organic in their label is the best way to stay away from impure honey, and honey that is not closest to its natural form. When honey is pasteurized and filtered, it is being heated to a point that no beneficial properties can be found in it anymore, and it is no longer what nature intended.

It is important to note that those who have an allergy to bee stings run the risk of developing an allergic reaction to raw honey, as this honey is closest to its natural form and may contain trace amounts of bee venom. Those with an allergy to bees will need to keep this in mind before purchasing raw honey.

Which Honey Will You Buy?

There are many options in the honey industry. Many people resort to what is comfortable. The teddy bear bottle is what they have used since they were kids, and their grandmas used it, too. But since many honey brands are not even real honey, but filled with corn syrup, it is important to reassess what honey is the best for you and your family. This honey may be familiar and cheap, but in the long run, you are not even paying for honey, but instead the unhealthy syrups. Honey that is raw and organic is made by bees that are well taken care of, by people who are passionate about making sure that their honey is pure honey with the most benefits. While more expensive, this kind of honey is high quality and worth the investment. Your health will thank you.


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