Avoid Dry Skin This Winter with These Amazing Natural Lotions

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Skin Care

Natural lotions are free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances, and other synthetic compounds that can harm your health and the environment. Many emerging and renowned brands continue to add artificial fillers and chemicals to their products to maintain longer shelf life.

With so many options to choose from, finding the right product can certainly become overwhelming. Therefore, to help you make a well-informed decision, we have rounded up some of the best natural lotions that will help heal and moisturize your dry skin this winter season.

Best Natural Lotions for Dry Skin

Here are some of the best non-toxic lotions for your face, hands, and the rest of the body.

The Honest Company Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion

The Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion by the Honest Company may be designed for babies, but it is truly one of the best skincare products for those struggling with sensitive skin.

This lotion’s hypoallergenic and plant-based formula will deeply moisturize your face and body. Moreover, this pure and gentle product is enriched with the goodness of organic Shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, and safflower oil that will penetrate your skin to replenish and restore its moisture balance. The addition of aloe vera, chamomile, and calendula to this product also helps calm and soothe your skin without making it feel sticky and greasy.

The Purely Sensitive Face + Body Lotion by the Honest Company is suitable for those with allergy-prone and extremely dry skin. Furthermore, it does not contain artificial colors, silicones, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, and other toxic ingredients.

Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion

The nourishing formula of this 98.9% natural body lotion without toxic chemicals will hydrate your body from head to toe without causing any greasy build-up. This lotion’s smooth and silky texture makes it easy to absorb, thus rejuvenating your skin and making it look healthier and younger.  Moreover, this product is made from milk, honey, vitamin E, coconut, and grape seed oils and is completely free of phthalates, and parabens.

Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion is dermatologist tested and suitable for normal to dry skin.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Coconut Rescue Body Lotion

This rich and hypoallergenic product is made from virgin coconut oil and coconut milk, which will hydrate your skin and provide it with all the nourishment needed to stay healthy. Moreover, the brand only uses unrefined coconut oil in the manufacturing process, as the refined versions usually include potentially toxic chemicals that may do your body more harm than good.

In addition, the Very Emollient Coconut Rescue Body Lotion by Alba Botanica includes Shea butter and sunflower oil, making the product even more soothing and moisturizing. Along with being 100% vegetarian and Leaping Bunny Certified, this popular product is free of parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

Seed Phytonutrients Body Moisturizer

This sustainable and eco-conscious product features sunflower oil, safflower oil, and camelina seed oils – all of which are rich in vitamins and omega oils. The lightweight gluten-free formula also includes coconut and Shea butter, which add to its creamy texture and encourage easy absorption with no visible residue left on your skin. Moreover, the subtle notes of cedar leaf, clove buds, chamomile, teakwood oil, and sage make this product an excellent addition to your winter skincare routine – especially if you love natural, earthy scents.

Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

The plant-based formula of this lotion includes organic botanicals and essential oils that work together to nourish and hydrate your skin and restore its lipid balance. Its list of ingredients includes Shea butter, aloe vera, and calendula. Additionally, this product is vegan and non-GMO, and does not contain any parabens, damaging preservatives, synthetic dyes, chemical fragrances, phthalates, or sulfates.

It is also important to note that Avalon Organics Nourishing Lavender Hand & Body Lotion is made from USDA organic ingredients and is cruelty-free. The product line also features Rejuvenating Rosemary Hand & Body Lotion, Refreshing Lemon Hand & Body Lotion, Moisturizing Coconut Hand & Body Lotion, and Revitalizing Peppermint Hand & Body Lotion.

On a Final Note

Finding the best natural lotions for dry skin is not an easy feat. However, since it is important to be mindful of what you put on your skin, we hope that our meticulously curated list will help you choose the most suitable body lotion without toxic chemicals.

Please make sure to check the list of active ingredients and look for appropriate certifications before buying any products that claim to be all-natural or organic.

If you found our list of the best natural lotions useful, you may want to check out more of the organic product guides at Home Organic. Also, feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for tips and tricks on how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

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