Best Natural Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

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The Reality of Hair Growth

Hair is complicated, and whether someone is older or younger, they may run into a hair growth problem at some point in their life. Hair is stubborn. Having and maintaining beautiful hair is a challenge. When struggling with bald spots, hair thinning, or damaged hair that just does not seem to grow past a certain length, you may be growing insecure, as well. There are many products out there that advertise the ability to help with stimulating hair growth. However, many of them may not be healthy for your scalp. Luckily there are many natural hair products that may aid in your journey to fuller, longer hair!

Different Hair – Different Needs

It is important to remember that each person’s hair is unique. Some may have coarse, curly hair, and others may have thin, straight hair. On top of the difference in hair types, there are different needs. Having dry hair, a balding scalp, or brittle hair may all have different underlying causes and therefore require different products to be used on them. Remember to keep your specific hair type in mind when shopping for a hair growth product.

The Many Causes of Hair Growth Problems

There are many reasons why you may be struggling with hair growth. Here are a few that you may have:

  • Using too many heat tools on your hair – this one is self-explanatory. Too much heat can dry out hair, causing it to repeatedly split and break off at those split ends. Even if your hair is growing at the top, it will not appear to be due to the ends breaking off.
  • Poor diet – everything you do affects your entire body. This includes consuming too many unhealthy sugars and fats, and not enough vitamins. Deficiencies in iron, vitamin D, and zinc can all cause hair growth issues. You may want to get checked by your doctor to rule out any deficiencies.
  • Toxic hair products – sadly many of the hair products you buy at your favorite store may actually have ingredients in them that are unhealthy for your scalp and hair. This includes parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

Ingredients to Look For

In terms of the best natural hair growth products, anything that has the USDA organic seal on it will be good for your scalp and hair. Organic hair growth products will range in what kind of hair it may target. When looking for organic hair growth and natural hair growth products, there are some key ingredients that you may want to look for that are known to stimulate hair growth:

  • Aloe Vera – this plant provides many different benefits for your skin. It is anti-inflammatory, and the polymers in it help increase blood flow, which may stimulate hair growth.
  • Anything with collagen – collagen deficiency can result both in dry, wrinkled skin, brittle nails, and dry, brittle hair with slow growth.
  • Rosemary oil – this oil has been widely used for many things for a long time. For hair, it can reduce breakage and protect it, thus aiding in maintaining healthy hair.
  • Castor oil – while this may not specifically make your hair grow, it also prevents breakage, and moisturizes your hair, which indirectly helps your hair grow back healthier than ever.
  • Avocado oil – this oil also helps moisturize your hair and help heal any scalp issues you may have, like dandruff or psoriasis.

The amazing thing about all of the above ingredients is that they are not only natural hair products, they can also benefit every kind of hair type, from afro-textured, to thin and straight!

The Best Natural Hair Growth Products

It can be difficult to find natural hair products and organic hair growth products in any store. In the “natural” aisles, there are many products with ingredients that are unnecessary and unhealthy for your scalp and locks. While there is rarely a miracle working product that helps you grow your hair, there are products that can create the best environment for healthy hair. Here are companies that sell real, natural products that will help strengthen your hair, and stimulate healthy hair growth.

OrganiGrowHairCo – This company is female-run, selling organic and nontoxic products for each and every hair type. They have a quiz on their website that will help determine which of their products are best for you. They also sell skin care for adults and babies, and wellness products aimed towards people in every walk of life.

Pura Do’r – This company has an anti-hair thinning shampoo stocked with natural ingredients, including rosemary oil, biotin, and Vitamin E. It is preserved only with natural, plant-derived ingredients. This shampoo may aid the health of your scalp and hair with the natural ingredients.

Hår Vokse – this supplement is full of natural ingredients, aimed specifically at hair regrowth. Their belief is the nutrients in the supplement will be the foundation for hair regrowth. If there is no improvement within two months, they promise to give a full refund.

Our Hair – the Harbinger of our Health

Ultimately, we know that, usually, our hair is an indicator of our health. When our bodies have deficiencies and stress, the last thing that is on our body’s radar is to have healthy hair growth. Focusing on the core issue with vitamins, a healthy diet, and reducing stress in some way may achieve the best results in the end. Natural hair products will definitely help along the way. It can be hard for our bodies to maintain our outward appearance when it is struggling inwardly. The products and ingredients in this article can have an immense amount of benefit to your hair, as well as many other benefits that you may not have known you needed. Good organic, natural products may be the first step into seeing visible change in your hair growth, as well as a difference in your scalp and hair health. We hope this article helps you make the next best purchase for your hair health!

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