The Best Natural and Organic Heat Protectant Oil for Hair

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Hair Care

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Styling Your Hair with Heat without the Damage

Getting that perfect hairstyle for your workday or a night out can be what makes or breaks the rest of your day. No one enjoys a bad hair day, and hot tools are oftentimes one of the few things that can tame a particularly unruly mane. However, many people avoid turning to the curling iron or straightener because of the damage that these tools can cause. Split-ends and dry, brittle hair is not something anyone wants to struggle with. Without the proper protection in your hair before using your straightener, you can ensure that very soon you will run into dead ends and dull hair. Thankfully, there are many natural and organic heat protectant options that, when applied properly, can help aid in protecting your hair from this fate.

The Best Natural Heat Protectants for Your Hair

Having beautifully straightened or curled hair does not have to be at the expense of the health of your hair. There are many heat protecting sprays for your hair that are sold at the store, but the greatest ones are natural, organic, and even cheaper than the store-bought options. These great options can also be easier to find, and may even help smooth frizz and promote healthier hair while protecting it. Before choosing any oil to protect your hair from high heat, always check the smoke/burn point. If the burn point is higher than your heat tool temperature, it can be used. If it is lower than the temperature you use on your hair, you will need to find a different heat protectant. Here are the best natural and organic options:

  1. Argan Oil: Argon oil is arguably one of the best organic options for protecting your hair from that hot curling iron and straightener. It has a high burning point of 420 °F, which is very important when choosing an oil to protect your hair. Without a higher burning point, you can burn your hair quicker. Argan oil also has many vitamins and antioxidants, which allows it to not only protect your hair from the heat you apply to it, but can potentially strengthen your hair as well. Not only this, but it can create shiny, frizz-free styles, which is an important quality in perfectly styled hair. This hair heat protectant can be found in organic options, and a little of this oil goes a long way, which in turn saves you money.
  2. Avocado Oil: this is another great option, usually with an even higher smoke point than argan oil. It is also a lightweight oil with vitamins and antioxidants that can provide protection and also promote healthier, shinier hair, which will in turn create healthier hair growth if you are hoping to grow your beautiful hair out. There are plenty of organic avocado oil options available. You can either add a bit of this to your hair by rubbing it in, or by adding a bit of the oil to a spray bottle with water to dilute.
  3. Grapeseed Oil: this oil is another option that may work the best with those that have thick hair, and a dry scalp. Grapeseed oil can help with dandruff and other skin conditions that may be residing on your scalp, while also protecting your hair from heat. This oil usually has a smoke point around 420 °F, much like argan oil, and there are many great organic products out there that will be great to try out.
  4. Almond Oil: this oil has a smoke point of 450 °F, making it another good choice for heat protectant oil. Almond oil is a lightweight oil, which is important for those who have hair that tends to be on the oily side naturally, or for those who have thinner hair. It is also full of vitamins and antioxidants that will promote healthy shine and growth. You can find this oil with the organic USDA seal, too.

These are four great oils that can be diluted in a spray bottle, or lightly rubbed into hair with your fingers. It is always wise to set your iron temperature to the lowest degree that you can while still getting the style that you want. Whatever oil you choose, always set your iron to a lower temperature than the smoke point of that oil in order to be safest. These oils can do a great job of protecting your hair, but if you are using your straightener or curling iron daily, heat damage will inevitably occur. The best way to steer clear of heat damage is to avoid your blow dryer or straightener all together, but if you are not able to manage this, turn your tool to the lowest temperature, try to only use it a couple of times a week, and always put a heat protector on. The organic oil options listed above, when added to your routine, will not only protect your hair, but will also promote the health and luster of it. Moreover, they can be used in other ways for your beauty routine, including for your skin, makeup, and lips.

Protect Your Hair with Organic Oil

Adding organic, natural hair oils to your daily routine can benefit everyone, even those that choose not to apply heat to their hair. More and more people are discovering that the excess showering and heat applied to hair has stripped our hair of its natural oils, and so people are instead seeking out ways to make their routine easier and healthier. Applying heat protectant oils to your hair, especially damaged hair, can be the next best step to healthier hair growth. If you are struggling with heat damage and split ends, starting off with a nice trim, and then creating healthier habits afterward will be the best way to keep your hair beautiful.

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